Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Carbolic Smoke what??

Oh Oh Oh look at me!!

I have a pure breed gunner in my contracts class. Some brave sociologist should attempt to study this creature in its optimal habitat - the center of the tutors attention.

I will even give them a head start.

Habitat: Gunneris Contratcis is a recluse, he only ventures out of what ever grime filled hovel he habitates to attend a lecture or tutorial. This is only because in such places he can get called on to show his idiot savant like abilities.

Diet: In short breaks this specimen runs to the closest vending machine for chips, pork rinds or likewise greasy food. While nobody has seen him eat a meal it is safe to assume it is high fat, greasy and processed. This can be deducted from the thick grease stains that cover his laptop and give off a high sheen effect in the class lights. It has been observed that Gunneris Contratcis will insert all each finger into his mouth to make sure every last bit of nasty has been licked clean from each digit.

Social likes: Gunneris Contratcis loves the sound of his own voice, this is amplified when his voice is talking to a person of academic authority.

Social dislikes: Not being the center of the Tutors attention, especially if hand has been raised for exteneded period of time without being called on. This is evident from the red coloring and angry atmosphere around Gunneris Contractis in such a situation.

Mating: The plumage of Gunneris Contratcis is dull, dirty and probably smelly (I am not game enough to get close enough to find out). Until this specimen graduates and convinces some unwitting female they are worth procreating with in exchange for bright shiny things, there is little hope for sexual conduct while in lawschool.

Now to the mountain of homework - Obiter

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