Monday, March 15, 2010

Fall From Cullinary Grace.

I disgust me.

I am a chef by trade, and even on my most slack days if I dont want to cook I will make a simple sauce from scratch, using dried herbs if I must.

As law school has become pretty much all consuming my Mr. Ovum who untill recently had not stepped inside a Wollworths for over 18 months has been sent to gather food. While he tires it ends up being mostly junk food (because I just don't buy chips, sodt drink, biscuts ect..). This results in having almost nothing to work with in the kitchen.

Tonight after spending too much time reading blogs and avoiding work it hit me that dinner should be done soon (if it was just me I am all for cerail for dinner). Well I cant be assed tonight. Beef Stoginoff from a jar it is! First meal in 2 years that will be served in this house from a bottle. Mr. Ovum better hope it is crap, 10 minutes to cook a meal.. wow, all those mums could have been on to somthing all this time. It could start a trend.

Popping the jar - Obiter

20 minutes later - Yup that was nasty, pouring it out of the jar it was a plasticy stream of brown sludge, there is this weird after taste too...

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  1. if it makes you feel any better, i was an engineer pre law school - and yet i managed to miss the ONE pseudo math question ever appearing on a law school exam. we're talking basic algebra, if that (to figure out water appropriation rights). that was a massive fail.