Sunday, March 7, 2010

Criminal nosebleeds

I am an class 'A' dipshit, why?

Because I followed the 'recommended pattern for Other Degree to Law transition' classes. Effectively this means that I am doing a 2L subject with my 1L subjects. This 'transition' is also recommended for graduate entry students.

Criminal law is the offending subject. I spent most of my Sunday in the Library at Carton University's arts campus (you know, the degrees that mostly revolve around narcissistic goals like arts, music, dance and so on. The type of students that need to be kept far far away from the more traditional business, engineering and law type students hence the different campus) because it is driving distance and on a Sunday parking is easy. I then spent 5 hours with big ugly books and a case list.

It's the case list I have an issue with. 1L subjects we are handed the cases, spoon fed, they practically make aeroplane noises as they hand them to us cooing 'incoming'. Second year apparently its a cold, cold dose of reality, hunt and kill your own cases. Now this is supposed to be preceded with learning workshops and skills building in 1L to get us ready for this 'transition'. What happens when you have a case list a mile long and no fucking idea how to find them?

1) Dump case list in bin and give it up as a poor taste joke.
2) Stare blankly at westlaw and lexisnexis and wonder why there is no results when you type the case in the 'citation' box
3) Wonder why you pay $300 for a 'casebook' with none of the cases in it, hit head with book and try again.

(asking a Liberian is pointless they are not law library staff and give you a ' sorry but how the fuck should I know look')

I managed to get some of the cases, in fact I am quite chuffed I managed to get cases outside the Australian jurisdiction at all. So I went home an consoled myself with some Torts study, at least with Torts I don't feel like my yolk has been hard boiled rendering intelligent though impossible.

The learning curve is 90 degrees baby.. Obiter

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