Thursday, March 25, 2010

A pleasent supprise

Since moving out of home I morphed into Martha Stewats lost son. The I started law school and that shot to hell faster then a mobidly obease kid eats a cup cake. Mr. Ovum doesn't 'do' house work (somehow I found myself in a 1960's relationship without the plastic everything, the ugly kitch crap and the 1960's)

I came home and:

1. The house is tidy
2. Dishes were done (not put away but baby steps)

I suspect this is the doing of the new housemate, but I am not complaining.

Thus I can justify reading my fav blogs and avoiding study, I did however manage to make up a case templte to organise my case notes as postit notes on the pages in the casebook works only when they stick to the case.

Contracts still suck - Obiter

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