Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Embarassment.

The universe likes to mess with me.

This is how yesterday went.

8:30: Get up, make coffee and calm nerves about interview

10:00 Get to work (the interview was to be held at my workplace)

10:01 Boss 'I did not tell you the interview is tomorrow now, did I?'

No you did not.... To his credit, he then jumped on the phone and organised for us to drive to their office, in a about 2 hours. It was a small grace that I had some study with me. Boss's car is broken so we will take my car. Before people get into my car for a lift I always state "Sure no problem, on the proviso you make no comment about the state of my car" (which is not ... well it ... OK there is no rotting food and its is just paper and clothes. When you are the only person who cleans up after 2 others somethings gotta give).

10:20 My black shoes which have been worn three times broke - yay for me! I can't go to the interview looking like I have hobo shoes.

11:00 After a quick drive to shops to buy new shoes (I had money on the day before pay day...this is how I suspect the universe is not just screwing me over, just messing with me)

12:00 Drive Boss and I to law firm.

I had done my research I knew what lawyers practiced in what area, I knew their names by face ect. The partners name is Curls (clearly not his real name).

12:10 Partner comes out and I shake his hand..

OO: Hi my name is Curls.. no... your Curls, my name is Obiter.. (it was only one better then babbling incoherently)

PC: ..we will get to that.

12:10-1:00 - Boss and Curls talk shop, for ages, I get introduced at some point, I think he glanced at my resume, at some point I was informed it would be unpaid work, but I was welcome on board any time I wanted to start.

I got the job, sure it will actually cost me money to get from home to there to my paying job and back but hell it's more than most first years in my position.

1:01: Curls asks for a lift to the cafe he is having lunch at, Boss told him that was fine. I blurted out the standard disclaimer....does my brain engage at all?

1:10 We walk to my car, Curls has one look and said 'Um, it's OK the cafe is just down the road'


I have enrolled in the moot court, I have under 5 days to get it together, three of those days are full time work. I normally have a class right now, but I have lost my keys (I suspect they are in the wash, which I cannot stop for another hour and a half), so I am not going anywhere. On the bright side, I now have an extra 4 hours to do the moot court work (I will attend another class on Friday).

The firm deals with chasing debts from businesses, from what I glanced off the conversations they enjoy nailing people to the wall... probably not the firm I will be working at forever.

I will kill the key fairy if she does not make those bastards reappear soon - Obiter