Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smug smirks and Law students

Some times I get the overwhelming desire to punch people in the face, gender holds no bars.

Let me explain.

many of the 1L's are fresh from high school, they are the bright sparks, high achievers and generally been told just how smart they are and have never experienced otherwise. Good for them. However at times the pole needs to be removed from their asses.

I had been working in the real world in a number of different industries before making it to law school, boy do I know how it feels it be dumb, dumb as dog shit dumb, failed most of high school dumb. As a consequence at times I am not so sure of my intellect and ability to comprehend things. When I do speak up it is mostly because I have carefully considered what I am going to say and how it works (to be honest this is generally restricted to uni, in social situations my mouth engages well before the brain has clucked into gear).

Twice this week I have been paired with these 'bright sparks' and twice I have made a contribution and been smirked at. Twice I have been right on the money. As I can't remove the poll and smack them in the face with it, this will have to do.

Elections are in full swing - Need to go read policy and get angry at both parties, Obiter.


  1. Yeah, a lot of first year students studying law (all over the world IMO) need a good slapping from time to time to reset their egos.

    The trials and tribulations of the first year as a whole tends to serve this purpose, though! ;-)

    At least you've got well past that phase!!

  2. Well, if it makes you feel better, I get smirked at all the time by Boss even though I know I am right.
    When you are a Lawyer, I guess you could smirk at your Paralegal- of course, they will hate you if you do, but you are the Boss :)
    Paralegal Hell

  3. NEVER smirk at support staff. I have witnessed many files recieve only the bare minimum of attention because the broker was an ass to the support girl. How is it these people don't know just how much eaiser their life is with support staff that actually like them? I used to ply my shared assistant with chocolate at least once a fortnight.. the other brokers wondered why she went out of her way for me..?