Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If karma was a dog, I would probably be poking it with a big stick.

On my way from the gents to the law library, I saw some guy in a suit headed towards a moot court, half of the back of his suit was tucked into his pants. I chose to say nothing, for no good reason. I help little old ladies off the bus, I help them up stairs, I don't know why I would let this guy walk to a moot court with his suit tucked into his pants.

Today I enrolled in my first moot court comp, this should be interesting..

Crim B:

I had special prep for the criminal moot court/tute a few days ago. I spent hours and hours pouring over cases and legislation (s 598(c) CC has got to be the most convoluted section I have had to read so far). By the end of it all I had pretty much come to the conclusion that I was immensely stupid for not being able to find a solid argument eitherway, the questions are normally drafted to be agurged both ways at least a little convincingly. The other guy on special prep was the legal genius from contracts, this guy turns most if not all tutes into a conversation between himself and the tutor each week. Needless to say I was worried about looking extra stupid in comparasin to this kid. Turns out, as the tutor put it 'you could drive 5 trains though this loop hole'. I not only managed to get a good grip on the issues and facts but could to a small point rebutt some of the savant like kids arguement, woohoo for me!

At the moment I feel like everything is going really well, unlike the shit fight that was first semester.

the lawschool pot is only on light simmer - Obiter

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  1. The first semester is the worst. You got through it, with your wit in tact.
    Good job!
    Paralegal Hell